Bike Advice

Is the course really suitable for a Cyclocross bike? YES!

We have designed the course to be rideable and enjoyable on both cyclocross and mountain bikes. That said, it is important to remember that the terrain is very different to what you usually get in cyclocross events. The terrain on both routes is a mixture of quiet singletrack lanes, off-road doubletrack, forestry tracks, open moorland and singletrack bridleways.

There are sections of rougher ground, with a few stoney descents where a little extra care may be required. We recommend taking at least 2 spare tubes should you be riding on a cyclocross bike. If you have the option to fitter slightly wider tyres, that would be a worthwhile change.

We would advise against tubular tyres, just because of the difficulty in repairing them should you encounter a problem.

Hybrid bike will be fine so long as suitable tyres and brakes are used, but don’t expect an easy ride. The route is not suitable for road bikes.

Recommended kit list:

2 spare tubes & repair kit
Hand pump
Multi-tool with chain breaker
Spare chain link
Front and rear lights (given the time of year, lights that make you “visible” are required)
Water & energy food
Mobile phone
Waterproof jacket
Emergency foil blanket
Also ensure you have enough brake pad life, or take a spare set